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Reel Life's Top Ten Movies of 2012

Life of Pi2012 was a very good year for movies.  Many atypical films found their way to the limelight.  There are at least 30 films we would rank as very good in 2012.  Ones that did not make our Top Ten include Seven Psychopaths, Wild Bill, Skyfall, Moonrise Kingdom, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, and Jeff, Who Lives at Home.  Here are our top ten favorite films of 2012.


1)   Life of Pi - How lost innocence can be rediscovered.

2)   The Sessions - A reminder that life really is what you make it to be.

3)   Silver Linings Playbook - The healing power of projects, good family, and good friends.

4)   Beasts of the Southern Wild - In any circumstance, good family can make us strong.

5)   Hope Springs - Comfortably numb couples can be so much more.

6)   Lincoln - Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

7)   The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Personal tragedy does not have to define us.

8)   Amour - True love shines bright, for better or for worse.

9)   Looper - You can't run away from your self.

10) Marley - A deep passion can push you through the constraints of anything.

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