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Reel Life's Top Ten Movies of 2010

The King's SpeechThere were a lot of enjoyable movie experiences in 2010.  We found ourselves immersed in speechless England, a multiplicity of dreams, terrorist tribulations, crazy ballet, and the lives of discarded toys.  We lived the harshness of life in the Ozarks, in the MA towns of Lowell and Charlestown, and in the emerging world of digital enterprise.  Movies did what they do best in 2010 – presented us with a couple of hours of thought-provoking uncharted realities.  Here are our ten favorite films from 2010.  

1)   The King’s Speech – A beautiful story of a reluctant king and the common
      man who gave him his voice.

2)   Inception – This dreamy distraction was an interesting movie on so many

3)   Four Lions – The funniest film of the year brings guilty laughter at the bone
      stupidity of terrorism.

4)   Black Swan – A black and white look at the destructive dance of mental

5)   Toy Story 3 – This franchise demonstrates again that sequels can still tell 

6)   Winter's Bone – Family comes first for a poverty-laden child forced to grow up
      too soon.

7)   The Fighter – Boxed in by family expectations, a low-key fighter takes the
      higher road to success.

8)   The Town – A member of a criminal family discovers life can be more than a
      takeaway existence.

9)   The Social Network – The ironic tale of a connected empire assembled by a
      lonely man.

10) True Grit – Cinematically beautiful and harsh tale of revenge and honor in a
      world with no rules.

Honorable Mention
Hereafter, Animal Kingdom, Shutter Island, Welcome to the Rileys, Exit Through the Gift Shop, The Kids are Alright, Tangled, Harry Brown, Love and Other Drugs, Greenberg.