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Reel Life's Top 10 Movies of 2009

up2009 was a year of many very good films and no great ones.  Perhaps the writer's strike of two years ago thinned out the number of classic scripts available to movie makers.  For whatever reason, we found it difficult to settle on our picks for Top 10 Movies of 2009.  Knowing that we still haven't seen The Road, Crazy Heart, Sherlock Holmes and A Serious Man, and knowing that we are most moved by good stories, here are our ten favorite films of the last year.

1)   Up - This heartfelt animated storyline featured the best opening sequence of
      2009 and reminded us all that life can go on after experiencing personal tragedy.

2)   An Education - Sometimes a person has to experience what they are not to
      truly find the person they already are.

3)   The Hurt Locker - Intense human drama with a magnifying glass on what it's
      like to disable bombs every day of the week.

4)   In the Loop - The funniest film of the year makes us wonder how accurately
      this portrays the profane political realities of people making big decisions.

5)   Precious - Outstanding performances make this bleak story memorable and
      oddly uplifting.

6)   Invictus - A reminder that great leadership happens best when people rise
      above their instincts and emotions.

7)   Up in the Air - A disconnected man questions his comfortably numb reality
      when confronted with change and family ties.

8)   Sugar - Dominican dreams of professional baseball are explored in this seldom
      seen Sundance sleeper.

9)   Inglourious Basterds - An interesting and colorful examination of 'eye-for-an-
      eye' rationalization from a variety of perspectives.

10) Tyson - Knowing the story of this street warrior won't make you like him, but it
      may make you understand what poverty and violence can do to a child.

Honorable Mention
The Messenger, Defiance, (500) Days of Summer, The Men Who Stare at Goats, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Adventureland, Bronson, The Story of Anvil, The Brothers Bloom, My Sister's Keeper.

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