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REALITY: She's television generation. The only reality she knows comes to her through the television set."

Movie quote from: Network (1976) - Max Schumacher (William Holden)

networkReality television is an oxymoron, but we're living in oxymoronic times.  People spend far too much of their day in front of a screen, watching other people's lives.  Singers, entrepreneurs, dancers, adventurers, builders, cooks, nannies, and people trying to lose weight, we like to watch them all.  However, when people are surveyed to identify the key elements of what makes a great day, watching television is never one of the choices. 

In the scathing and insightful movie Network, the television generation flocks to listen to the rantings of a middle-aged madman who gets his highest ratings on a show where he promises to kill himself.  Now THAT'S reality television.  Driven only by greed, network executives cross ethical lines to secure the attention of a lonely audience seeking any kind of emotional stimulation from their lives.  Sound familiar?

If your reality is brought to you through a screen, you are not really living.  You're watching.  A sense of fulfillment and personal freedom comes from real life experiences, not from reality TV.  I survey audiences and ask them to identify the key causes of their life's most meaningful moments.  The top three - (a) shared life experiences, (b) achievement-oriented experiences, and (c) new human experiences.  Life experiences that have never been part of a truly meaningful moment - (a) watching television, (b) talking on a cell phone, and (c) surfing the Internet.  How do you spend your time?

I can predict your level of life satisfaction by how your time is spent.  Are you involved in a variety of new achievement-oriented life experiences with other people?  I'll bet you feel vitalized by your day.  Spend most of your spare time in from of a screen or talking to people somewhere else?  Life's a little empty, isn't it?

The only reality is something you are doing.  Watching isn't reality, it's just lazy living.  Don't let your reality come to you through TV.  Get up out of your chair and go do that thing you've always wanted to do.  Get real.

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