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directors chairQuote Reviews provide an insightful look at the meaning behind inspirational quotes from film.  Using timeless themes relating to becoming the director of your own life's movie, these reviews encourage us all take charge of our own unfolding existence.

Three things make a great movie and a great life - a well defined lead character, an interesting story, and an engaging supporting cast.  Quote Reviews on Reel Life Wisdom are organized into these three categories.  There is also a category for any random bits of wisdom that have been reviewed.   

Quote Review Categories

SELF: Define Your Character - Reel Life movie quote reviews about proactive personal development.

LIFE: Build Your Story - Reel Life movie quote reviews about choosing a  meaningful life.

LOVE: Connect to Your Supporting Cast - Reel Life movie quote reviews about developing meaningful relationships.

Random Bits of Wisdom - A mixed bag of posts on thought-provoking topics beyond self. life, and love.