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PASSION: “You know the Greeks didn't write obituaries, they only asked one question after a man died, ‘Did he have passion?’”

Movie quote from: Serendipity (2001) - Dean Kansky (Jeremy Piven)

serendipityJonathan’s (John Cusack) life changed the day he met Sara (Kate Beckinsale). After an enjoyable walk about town, they agreed to leave their future to ‘serendipity’. Rather than trading names and phone numbers, she put her name in a book and he put it on a five-dollar bill. They agreed that if either person stumbled across the book or bill, they were meant to be together. And so began Jonathan’s passionate quest to reconnect with the woman who touched his soul.

That brief experience helped Jonathan get focused in his life. He never missed an opportunity to look in a bookstore for that title, hoping that life’s unfolding events would take him to her. Everywhere he went, he believed he would stumble across her by some fortunate accident. Although the movie Serendipity uses the pursuit of a relationship as the ‘passion’ that focuses a life, people can become passionate about many things. All great accomplishments begin with the passionate commitment of an individual to make something better.

Passion is not well understood in our culture. People assume that passion will come to them like a flash flood, overwhelming them with a sense of vitality and commitment to purpose. In truth, passion develops slowly and purposefully. You feel it most when you take time to breathe and consider the unique life activities that have meaning to you. Passion does not seek you out, rather you discover personal passions via a proactive pursuit of things interesting.

In our culture, we traditionally admire people who rise to the top of their profession. However, perhaps the Greeks were closer to the truth when they focused on respecting the cultivation of personal passion. Accomplishment is empty if you reach a goal on technical skills alone. Hollow praise does not provide a sense of vitality. Real fulfillment occurs only where there is passionate commitment to something personally meaningful. Unlike Jonathan, fulfillment is something I would never leave to chance. Find a personal passion and pursue it.

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