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APATHY: "I don't think I can continue to live in a place that embraces and nurtures apathy as if it was a virtue."

Movie quote from: Se7en (1995) - William Somerset (Morgan Freeman)

sevenFew things are more destructive to the human soul than apathy.  Any workplace, community setting, or relationship that "embraces and nurtures apathy" is a dead place, a place where things won't grow.  Unfortunately, in today's world, apathy has become cool.  This cannot be good for the human condition.

Apathy is an absence of emotion, a lack of caring for matters at hand.  It is the opposite of 'passion', where a person cares deeply for a topic, person, or endeavor.  Apathetic individuals are never supportive or constructive.  If they engage with their community, it will be through criticism or sarcastic commentary.  Passionate individuals are focused on engagement and development.  They actively contribute to their communities in a constructive manner, drawing in others who connect to their enthusiasm.

Groups of people are like individuals.  They can be placed on a continuum of passion and apathy.  An apathetic relationship, workplace, or community creates a negative environment for growth.  Conversely, a passionate collection of individuals utilizes its deep caring to foster healthy growth and development. 

It is natural for a collective anything to fall apart.  Relationships don't just work; they must be proactively nurtured to be healthy.  A workplace will naturally deteriorate without caring leadership.  This is why apathy can be so destructive - it fuels the natural tendency of things to deteriorate.  Proactive and passionate contributions are required to 'keep the buzz alive' in any collective human endeavor.

If 'deeply passionate' is a 10 and 'deeply apathetic' is a 1, how would you rank yourself?  How would you score the culture in your key relationships?  What rank would you give your workplace?  How about your community?  If you note that all your scores lean to the passionate side, congratulations.  I'll bet you are part of the solution.  Similarly, you are likely a contributor to your own negative environment, if your surroundings tend to lean to apathy.

Morgan Freeman's character in the film 'Se7en' declares that he will not "continue to live in a place that embraces and nurtures apathy."  This is a good point-of-view for us all.  Avoid places and people that suck the life out of you.  Actively do caring things in the places where you hang out.  A focus on combating apathy goes a long way to making your own unfolding film more interesting.

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