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The 11 Worst Movie Lines for Women on a First Date

as goodOne email poured in demanding a list of the worst movie quotes for women on a first date.  This, she argued, provides equal time to the females who represent at least one half of the people participating in those uncertain romantic encounters.  So, by request, here are the eleven movie lines women should stay away from when meeting that man everyone says you're going to 'just love'.

“When you first entered the restaurant, I thought you were handsome, and then, of course, you spoke.”
As Good As It Gets (1997) – Carol Connolly (Helen Hunt)

“I believe my life is in danger; that's why I've taken so many precautions. My real name is... Chloe Lamar.”
The Cheap Detective (1978) – Mrs. Montenegro (Madeline Kahn) 

“I truly believe that happiness is possible, even when you're thirty-three and have a bottom the size of two bowling balls.”
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004) – Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger)

“Shut up, just shut up. You had me at "hello".”
Jerry Maguire (1996) – Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger)

“Don't kiss me. I don't know where your lips were last night.”
Bad Boys (1995) – Theresa Burnett (Theresa Randle)

“You know what? I'd like to sing on stage for the rest of my life, with you in the first row.”
Spiderman 3 (2007) – Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst)

“They say you're the world's only living heart donor.”
Sabrina (1995) – Sabrina Fairchild (Julia Ormond)

”Don't say anything and we'll get along just fine.”
American Graffiti (1973) – Laurie Henderson (Cindy Williams)

“I sunk into a depression only Hamlet would recognize.”
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004) – Lola (Lindsay Lohan)

“Chew like you have a secret.”
She’s the Man (2006) – Cheryl (Lynda Boyd)

 “I've been taking my temperature and I know I'm ovulating right now. The ground is ready, I just need someone to plant the seed.”
The Big Chill (1983) – Meg (Mary Kay Place)

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