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The 7 Wisest Movie Quotes About Women

women 2There have been many movie titles about women, including Little Women, Pretty Woman, Scent of a Woman, The French Lieutenant's Woman, An Unmarried Woman, and the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.  However, no title quite sums up what every other gender wants to know - What Women Want.  Here are the seven best movie quotes about women.

1) "Every woman is a mystery to be solved."
    Don Juan DeMarco (1995) - Don Juan DeMarco
    (Johnny Depp)

2) "The key to a woman's heart is an unexpected gift
    at an unexpected time."
    Finding Forrester (2000) - William Forrester (Sean Connery)

3) "The man is the head but the woman is the neck.  She can turn the head
    any way she wants."
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) - Maria Portokalos (Lainie Kazan)

4) "Looks don't concern me, maestro.  Only talent interests a woman of taste."
    Amadeus (1984) - Katerina Cavalieri (Christine Ebersole)

5) "All women are wonders because they reduce all men to the obvious."
    Out of the Past (1947) - Leonard Eels (Ken Niles)

6) "When a woman makes a choice to marry, to have children, in one way her life
    begins but in another way it stops.  You build a life of details.  You become a
    mother, a wife, and you stop and stay steady so that your children can move.
    And when they leave, they take your life of details with them.  And then you're
    expected to move again only you don't remember what moves you because
    no one has asked you in so long.  Not even yourself."
    The Bridges of Madison County (1995) - Francesca Johnson (Meryl Streep)

7) "A man doesn't tell a woman what to do.  She tells herself."
    Notorious (1946) - T.R. Devlin (Cary Grant)

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