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Alphabetical Movie Quotes

a beautiful mindHow well do you know your movie quotes?  Could you name the movie, no matter how scrambled the words?  If you saw the quote, “A damn dear don’t frankly give I my”, would you know it came from Gone with the Wind?  Can you pick out the Star Wars classic if you read, "be force may the with you"?  We have listed ten well-known movie quotes below with their words reorganized into alphabetical order.  The easier ones are first.  How many movies can you name?  The answers will be posted on March 30th. 

1)  “build come he if it will you” 

2)  “by danced devil ever have light moon pale the the with you” 

3)  "but dies every every lives man man not really."

4)  “can't fight gentlemen here in is room the this war you"

5)  “a be better make man me to want you” 

6)  “a big but deal don't how I I'm kind know of put this to.” 

7)  "a a always be be better fake I it'd nobody real somebody than thought to” 

8)  “a a for having just men need need place reason sex women” 

9)  “after anything do everything free it's lost only that to you're you've

10) “all am any can conscious do entity ever fullest hope I I is myself possible
      putting that the think to to use which”

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