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LEISURE: “In the good old days, before television that is, people constructed the pleasure of life for themselves."

sleuthMovie quote from Sleuth (1972) - Andrew Wyke (Laurence Olivier)

In the film Sleuth, Laurence Olivier's character offers a very wise thought about the value of leisure time.  He tells Michael Caine's character, "In the good old days, before television that is, people constructed the pleasure of life for themselves."  This differs from the habitual practice of most people nowadays.  The great majority get home and just watch.  This is not the best way to use our free time.  That time away from work may be the secret to discovering a fulfilling life.

Everybody has something they'd secretly like to do.  Play guitar, write a book, climb the hill, start a business, take dance lessons, learn Spanish, do geneology, walk the Great Wall, invite them over, run a marathon, take up cartooning, play cards, go horseback riding, take photographs, volunteer locally, call her!  Whatever it is, we each have an interest we have not-yet-fully-examined.

The best opportunity to explore your not-so-secret dreams occurs after work.  Whereas the workplace has many demands on our time, we have more control after 5:00 PM.  Rather than sitting down one-more-time to watch television, why don't you "construct the pleasure of life" for yourself?  Use your after-work time to develop personal interests and passions.

The discovery of fulfilling life activities always begins with a single uncertain step.  Turn off the television, step away from the computer, hang up your cell phone, and go do that thing you know you'd love to do.  Get on the case of discovering your own life's passions. Use your leisure time wisely.  No one every uncovered something fabulous while they were sitting on the couch.   

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