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HECTIC PACE: "I don't know where we've been and I've just been there!"

Movie quote from: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) - Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman)


In this classic film, two train robbers are surprised by a team of the best lawmen in the west.  To escape arrest, they ride across rocky terrain, double back down stream beds, and send a riderless horse into the wilderness.  They move at such a hectic and reactive pace, they don't really know where they've been.  This is what life feels like in today's world of constant change.

Sometimes, life is like being Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid on the run.  You never really get time to rest as you rush from one experience to the next.  Just when you think you've outrun the pursuing responsibilities, they show up once more on your horizon.  Who are those guys?

The hectic pace of pursuing excellence in your personal and professional life can take its toll on your physical and mental well being.  In order to maintain health throughout the course of your life, you must find a way to escape now and then.  It is an act of responsibility to hide away.  It makes you effective over a longer period of time.

Butch and Sundance eventually had to jump off a cliff to escape the forces seeking to hold them accountable for their decisions in life.  You don't have to do anything that drastic.  All you must do is take well-timed, well-deserved breaks from our high-paced world.  Go for a walk.  Stop and smell the roses.  Visit your long-lost friends.  Do something completely different.  Reflect on all the richness in your life.  Before you know it, your mind will be clear, your powder will be dry, and you can return refreshed to the excitement of pursuing opportunities in our fast-paced world. 

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