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HEALING: "I say make time to dance alone with one hand waving free."

Movie quote from: Elizabethtown (2005) - Claire Colburn (Kirsten Dunst)

elizPeople can get pretty serious about life.  In the touching movie, Elizabethtown, Drew Baylor (Orlando Bloom) is one of those people.  A high profile professional failure followed quickly by the death of his father has left him floundering in a whirlpool of self-pity and despair.  As luck would have it, he stumbles upon a delightful character who drags him reluctantly back into the healing land of the living.  We should all be so lucky.

Claire (Kirsten Dunst) is a flight attendant who recognizes Drew's 'lost boy' and decides to do something about it.  She connects with him at different points as he deals with waves of remorse and guilt while organizing a funeral for his father, a widely-loved person who he snubbed to pursue a fast-lane corporate career.  Her unwavering support for Drew, combined with the warmth and acceptance of his long-lost family, combines to save his life from spiraling down a bitter self-loathing path. 

We all need a little healing support now and then.  Of course, we'll each be called upon to deal with the inevitable tragic circumstances of life.  However, we can amplify the tragedy, giving it too much authority over our existence.  We do this by over-focusing on the pain and under-valuing the more delightful aspects of life passing by. 

I have met people who still grieve over a painful event long since passed.  They never let it go.  We can't change the past.  The healing path is found by backing up, taking a more objective perspective, and letting go of that which we can no longer change.

Throughout life, especially in times of personal tragedy, we are wise to "make time to dance alone with one hand waving free."   Lighten up.  Laugh.  Let go.  Create some distance between yourself and whatever is making you so serious.  The healing path begins when we head the opposite direction from where our emotions would like us to go.

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