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FRIENDSHIP: “Everything in balance, Woodrow. You do more work than you got to, so it's my obligation to do less."

Movie quote from: Lonesome Dove (1989) – Gus McCrae (Robert Duvall)

DoveYou cannot replace old friends.  They know what you’re thinking often before you do.  They make room for your unique perspectives.  They step forward when the world steps away.  Such great relationships develop over time in the cauldron of shared life experiences.  No film captures the essence of old friendships as well as Lonesome Dove, a made-for-TV movie from 1989.  Throughout the film, two old Texas Rangers demonstrate the three essential characteristics that define a great friendship.

Lonesome Dove follows the adventures of two longtime friends living out life in their later years.  Augustus McCrae (Robert Duvall) and Woodrow Call (Tommy Lee Jones) are opposites of each other.  Gus is unstructured, Woodrow needs order.  Gus can’t stop talking, Woodrow says few words.  Gus can do nothing all day, Woodrow has to feel productive.   

As different as they are, they know they are a good team.  They became legends as Texas Rangers.  Their differing strengths made them a formidable partnership.  And when presented with an opportunity to be the first to drive cattle into Montana, they never doubt their collective capacity to get it done.  

Three characteristics that define a good friendship are constantly illustrated by Gus and Woodrow in Lonesome Dove.  Good friends do things together.  They craft a rich history of experiences to talk about for a lifetime.  Good friends know and accept their differences.  Although good-natured disputes are endless between these two old friends, each makes room for the other’s stubborn peculiarities.  Finally, good friends have each other’s back.  In the film, both Gus and Woodrow make significant personal sacrifices to support the needs and requests of the other.

There are many other themes that run through this great western film.  However, the friendship of two old Texas Rangers is the foundation around which everything else happens.  This too is the foundation for many people’s lives – the time they spend with old and emerging friends.  In the end of our own great journey, all we have left is our good family and friends.

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