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Eleven Quote Quiz #4: Julia Roberts

julia robertsWe first noticed her in Mystic Pizza but her star was launched with the 1990 release of Pretty Woman.  Julia Roberts’ engaging and vulnerable characters have paved the way for romantic comedies to return to popularity.  Nominated three times for an Academy Award, she took home the Oscar in 2000 for her gripping performance as activist Erin Brockovitch.  How many of her movies can you identify from the following eleven quotes?

Easy Quotes (1 point)

(1)  “I appreciate this whole seduction thing you've got going on here, but let me give
      you a tip -  I'm a sure thing.“

(2)  “Every time someone says 'I do not believe in fairies', somewhere there's a fairy
       that falls down dead.”

(3)  “I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”

(4)  “How about this for a number? Six, that's how old my other daughter is.  Eight
       is the age of my son, two is how many times I've been married and divorced.
       Sixteen is the number of dollars I have in my bank account. 850-3943. That's
       my phone number, and with all the numbers I gave you, I'm guessing zero is
       the number of times you're gonna call it.”

(5)  “I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."

Harder Quotes (2 points)

(6)  “I hate big weddings with everybody staring. I'd like to get married on a weekday
       while everybody's at work. And when I ride off into the sunset, I want my own

(7)  “This guy's a restraining order waiting to happen.”  

(8)  “Look down the road to her wedding. I'm in a room alone with her, fixing her veil,
       fluffing her dress, telling her no woman has ever looked so beautiful. And my
       fear is she'll think, 'I wish my mom were here.'”

Hardest Quotes (3 points)

(9)  “Wilbur, we're born, we live, and when our time comes, we die. It's just a natural
       cycle of life.”

(10) “Look beyond the paint. Let us try to open our minds to a new idea.”

(11) “Real emotion transcends language. You don't have to understand their words 
       to feel their pain.”

(Scroll down to see answers)

(1)  Pretty Woman (1990) – Julia’s character is Vivian Ward.
(2)  Hook (1991) – Tinkerbell
(3)  Steel Magnolias (1989) – Shelby
(4)  Erin Brockovitch (2000) – the aforementioned Erin
(5)  Notting Hill (1999) – Anna Scott
(6)  Runaway Bride (1999) – Maggie Carpenter
(7)  Conspiracy Theory (1997) – Alice Sutton
(8)  Stepmom (1998) – Isabel Kelly
(9)  Charlotte’s Web (2006) – Charlotte the Spider
(10) Mona Lisa Smile (2003) – Katherine Watson
(11) The Mexican (2001) – Samantha Barzel

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