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Eleven Quote Quiz #2: Jack Nicholson

jack nicholsonSome argue that Jack Nicholson is the best actor of his time.  His characters electrify the screen.  He has chosen excellent movies and memorable roles in his long career, one that was launched with his colorful portrayal of George Hanson in the 1969 film Easy Rider.  Since then, Jack has been nominated for 12 Academy Awards and won three of them.  Can you name the movies associated with the following 11 quotes from Jack Nicholson films? 

Easy Quotes (1 point)

(1) “
You ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?”

(2) “You can't handle the truth!”

(3) “You make me want to be a better man.”

(4) “I don't want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me.”

(5) “Temper is the one thing you can't get rid of by losing it.”

Harder Quotes (2 points)
(6) “
Well Ndugu, I'll close now. You probably can't wait to run and cash this check and get yourself something to eat.”

(7) “They’re not scared of you, they’re scared of what you represent.  What you represent to them is freedom.”

(8) “Never let a stranger in your cab, in your house or in your heart, unless he is a friend of labor.”

Hardest Quotes (3 points)
(9) “
It's hard for something to grow on something that's moving.”

(10) “You can follow the action, which gets you good pictures. You can follow your instincts, which will probably get you in trouble. Or, you can follow the money, which nine times out of ten will get you closer to the truth.”

(11) “You don't think God makes mistakes? Of course He does. We all make mistakes. Of course, when we make mistakes they call it evil. When God makes mistakes, they call it nature. So what do you think? Women - a mistake or did he do that to us on purpose?”

(answers below)   

(1)   Batman (1989) – The Joker
(2)   A Few Good Men (1992) – Colonel Jessep
(3)   As Good As It Gets (1997) – Melvin Udall
(4)   The Departed (2006) – Frank Costello
(5)   Anger Management (2003) – Dr. Buddy Rydell
(6)   About Schmidt (2002) – Warren Schmidt
(7)   Easy Rider (1969) – George Hanson
(8)    Hoffa (1992) – Jimmy Hoffa
(9)   One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) – Randle McMurphy
(10) The Two Jakes (1990) – Jake Gittes
(11) The Witches of Eastwick (1987) – Daryl van Horne

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