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DREAMS: “Somewhere along the line we stopped believing we could do anything. And if we don’t have our dreams, we have nothing.”

Movie quote from: The Astronaut Farmer (2007) - Charles Farmer (Billy Bob Thornton)

astronautOur culture is not dreamer friendly.  We think dreamers are flaky or crazy until they are successful, then we think they’re great.  This is the case for Charles Farmer (Billy Bob Thornton) in the heart-warming film, The Astronaut Farmer.  He has built a rocket in his barn.  His plan is to fly it into space.  This has been his dream since he was a young boy.  We should honor those brave enough to pursue their dreams.  They make our world more interesting.

Charles Farmer is quirky.  He has leveraged his family's financial security to construct a two-stage rocket in his Texas barn.  He wears his astronaut suit while riding the range on his farm.  He tells everyone he's going to take his craft outside the atmosphere.  The town sees him as their friendly local space cadet.

Things get testy when Charles tries to purchase 20,000 pounds of rocket fuel.  Various federal agencies show up to evaluate the threat to national security.  Soon after, the media have a field day with the rocketman from America's heartland.  Surprisingly, this attention has minimal impact on the family.  They remain solidly behind Charles in his mad quest for space.

Imagine a world without dreamers like Charles Farmer.  Win or lose, they do not accept the day they have been presented with.  They proactively seek a better world for themselves and others.  They sacrifice other important things to attend to their compelling passion.  As a result, we move forward as a people.

For every Edison, Einstein, or King whose dream changes the world, there are 100 dreamers whose personal quest makes no broad difference at all.  However, these unique and dedicated people make us more colorful.  They challenge our own view of reality.  Most importantly, they give us a collective hope that there's more we can do to make our fragile planet a better place.  Dreamers are an inspiration to us all that sustains a sense of possibility that can take us quite literally out of this world.  We should never mess with another person's dream.

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