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DESIRE: "We pursue that which retreats from us."

Movie quote from: The Tao of Steve (2000) - Dex (Donal Logue)

taoDex (Donal Logue) has three rules for being irresistible to women.  Given his abundant scorecard, all those who seek multiple bedpartners should take heed.  Dex is overweight, over talkative, and terminally semi-employed, yet women continue to end up in his bedThe Tao of Steve is really a way of being cool.  Unfortunately, 'cool' becomes hollow over time, even for witty intellects skilled at manipulating human desire.

Dex has developed an effective charm that is fueled by his pop-philosophy belief in the power of 'Steve', the ultimate metaphor for being a cool guy.  He preaches three sequenced rules to those who seek multiple notches on their bedposts:

1) Eliminate your desire ("Women can smell an agenda.")
2) Do something excellent in her presence ("thus demonstrating your sexual worthiness")
3) Retreat ("We pursue that which retreats from us")

There's an unfortunate truth to Dex's wisdom.  Men and women are attracted to those who have little interest in them, especially those used to turning heads.  This quirky vortex of disinterest had dragged in many a passerby who ends up intimate with a person they hardly know.  The possibilities are always more interesting than the truth.

Following our desires is a flawed strategy for meeting a lifetime partner.  Desire lacks the antenna that distinguishes truth from 'truthiness'.  It even proves ineffective for Dex, who ignores all his own rules to pursue Syd (Greer Goodman), who he re-meets at his ten year high school reunion.  The Tao of Steve is a great study of the ineffectiveness of cool for constructing a relationship of real value. 

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