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CONFIDENCE: "The party's where you are."

Movie quote from: The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) - Georgia Lorrison (Lana Turner)

BalloonsIn Vincente Minnelli's 1952 classic, 'The Bad and the Beautiful', a producer's ruthless professional practices have left many former colleagues unwilling to work with him. This proves fatal, as life circumstances unfold where their support is required. It is a classic movie supportive of the old adage, "What goes around, comes around."

One of the people burned is an actress named Georgia Lorrison, played by Lana Turner. Although the producer's actions made her a star, he falsely gave her the love she so desperately needed to give her the focus required to make his picture a success.

At the party for her movie's premiere, Georgia was receiving the heaps of temporary love commonly associated with widespread fame. Noticing the absence of her producer/lover, she went to his house to be where she thought the love light shone much more meaningfully. In the critical scene just before Georgia learns she has been 'played', she explained why she left the celebrations. She said, "Why, right in the middle of everything, suddenly I knew one thing so clearly, the party's where you are.

Georgia meant she wanted to share the celebrations with her producer. The YOU in her statement referenced the man she thought was in love with her. However, if you shift the 'you' reference in the quote from the producer to Georgia, her comment takes on an entirely new and more powerful meaning.

What if Georgia's revelation was that SHE was the source of her own continuous party? What if her burst of understanding was that her life is only as great as she makes it? Rather than believing the fun, opportunities and meaningful relationships are 'somewhere else', what if she 'got it' that she can proactively make those things part of her own existence?

The pathway to personal fulfillment and a sustainable lifestyle begins with understanding that "the party's where you are." The producer's cruelty to Georgia would have been much less significant if, right in the middle of that party, she understood that a sense of love and respect comes first from within.

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