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6 Favorite Movie Quotes About the Pope

shoes of the fishermanLife is full of ironies.  Just as the Muslim religion passed Roman Catholic as the world’s largest religion, Pope Benedict XVI conducted the third-ever mass at Yankee Stadium, following the lead of Popes Paul VI and John Paul II in earlier decades.  It’s clearly time for some pop culture papacy.  The Pope has always been featured in various screenplays across the ages, including Becket, The Agony and the Ecstasy, The Shoes of the Fisherman, Godfather III, The Omen, and, most recently, in The Da Vinci Code.  Here are our six favorite movie quotes about the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

11 Quote Quiz #7: Tom Hanks

tom hanks forrest gumpAfter a series of early-1980’s bit parts in television shows like Happy Days, and Family Ties, and starring in his own sitcom Bosom Buddies, Tom Hanks ‘Splash-ed’ onto the big screen in 1984.  This began a stellar film career for Mr. Hanks, as he created many memorable characterizations, including his back-to-back Oscar-winning performances in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump.  Can you name the Tom Hanks films that are featured in this 11 Quote Quiz?

The 10 Best Movie Quotes by Charlton Heston

charlton hestonCharlton Heston has unfortunately become best known for his pro-NRA stance.  This obscures much of his great work in films.  He has played many of history’s best characters, including Michelangelo, Ben-Hur, Moses, John the Baptist, Marc Antony, and Henry the Eighth.  In honor of Mr. Heston, here are the 10 best quotes from his acting career.

The 11 Most Interesting Dolly Parton Movie Quotes

dolly partonDolly Parton has done five or six movies in her lifetime and yet her characters are a fountain of clever (and sometimes corny) lines.  The quotes are usually something to do with her looks, her body, faith, or the importance of treating people in a decent way.  I suspect these are the most obvious attributes of Ms. Parton.  Here are the 11 most interesting quotes from Dolly Parton in a movie.

Alphabetical Movie Quotes

a beautiful mindHow well do you know your movie quotes?  Could you name the movie, no matter how scrambled the words?  If you saw the quote, “A damn dear don’t frankly give I my”, would you know it came from Gone with the Wind?  Can you pick out the Star Wars classic if you read, "be force may the with you"?  We have listed ten well-known movie quotes below with their words reorganized into alphabetical order.  The easier ones are first.  How many movies can you name?  The answers will be posted on March 30th. 

The 10 Best Movie Quotes About Baseball


The 9 Best Movie Quotes About the Beatles

beatlesPop culture has rediscovered the music of the Beatles.  Throughout the most turbulent years of the 1960’s, the songs of Lennon and McCartney dominated the charts while the Beatles themselves became icons for everything that people loved or despised about that era of change.  Back then, it was the Beatles image that filled everyone’s hearts and minds.  Today, we can simply hear the massive quality of their music.  Here are the 9 best film quotes about the Beatles.

IMAGE: "Riches harden the heart."

Movie quote from: The Good Earth (1937) - Uncle (Walter Connolly)Good Earth

In The Good Earth, an excellent film from 70+ years ago, the lead characters Wang and O-Lan experience the ups and downs of a life tied to the land.  Although they share common values when they are poor, Wang changes when wealth gives him choice.  Whereas O-Lan draws her values from within, committed to hard work, family, and her husband, Wang looks to society to shape his decisions.  The film raises an important modern-day question, "What does a person consider when making vital life decisions - identity or image?

The 10 Best Movie Quotes About the High School Experience

cluelessMost Hollywood writers did not seem to enjoy high school.  At Hollywood High, teachers are boring morons, popular students are shallow and self-centered, and the popular unpopular students are clever cynics who seldom go to class.  If only life was so stereotypical.  Yet within all this redundant writing, there are some pearls of wisdom.  For most people, high school was a challenging time of personal change.  Here are the 10 film quotes that we believe best capture what high school was like for the majority of students. 
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