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The 10 Best Movie Quotes About Advertising

doritoMillions of people watch the Superbowl to see the best football teams compete.  Even more watch to see ad companies duke it out to be ranked #1 on various Top Ten Superbowl Commercials lists.  The movies have not been kind to advertisements, portraying them as manipulative devices that flaunt and fuel our consumer-centric society.  Here are the best ten film quotes about advertising that you won't want to fast forward through.

The 10 Best Performances by an Actor in 2009

BronsonThey will have a tough time selecting the best acting performances for the Academy Awards this year.  There were several outstanding performances by well known actors and by those lesser known.  From a crazed prisoner to a national hero to small-time workers delivering a tough message, here are the 10 best performances by an actor in 2009. 

The 10 Best Performances by an Actress in 2009

moniqueThis was a good year for women in film.  Kathryn Bigelow may the first female Oscar winner for Best Director (The Hurt Locker).  Lone Scherfig (An Education) and Jane Campion (Bright Star) will also be considered for their directorial accomplishments.  Many films looked at life from the female perspective, including An Education, Precious, and My Sister's Keeper.  It was also a very good year for female performances.  Here are the 10 performances we at Reel Life thought were the best in 2009.

Reel Life's Top 10 Movies of 2009

up2009 was a year of many very good films and no great ones.  Perhaps the writer's strike of two years ago thinned out the number of classic scripts available to movie makers.  For whatever reason, we found it difficult to settle on our picks for Top 10 Movies of 2009.  Knowing that we still haven't seen The Road, Crazy Heart, Sherlock Holmes and A Serious Man, and knowing that we are most moved by good stories, here are our ten favorite films of the last year.

Survey: The Top 10 Movies of the 00's Decade

kidWhat were the best films of the 2000's?  This is a question that has as many different answers as there are people who love movies.  Recently, we surveyed approximately 40 men and women to determine their favorite movies between 2000 and 2009.  Each provided their favorite 10 films, their prioritized responses were ranked, and the lists were compiled.  Over 128 films were nominated, with the following 10 films identified as the most enjoyable of the past decade.  How many have YOU seen?

10 Interesting Movie Quotes for Your Christmas Party

christmas partyAre you tired of the same old stuff at the annual office Christmas party?  Why don't you spice it up by introducing some of the following movie quotes into the mix?  It will give you something to do while watching the guy in the other cubicle try to convince his partner that he can still drive home.  Here are 10 quotes to help put some punch into your staff party this season.

The 11 Best Movie Quotes About Christmas

serendipityThe emotional and spiritual appeal of Christmas has moved many a producer to make their own special brand of Christmas movie.  Beginning with Scrooge in 1935, Christmas-themed films include Miracle on 34th Street (1947), White Christmas (1954), A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965), A Christmas Story (1983), and 2009's A Christmas Carol.  Here are the 11 best movie quotes about this festive time of year.

The 7 Best Movie Quotes About Astrology

Oda Mae BrownYou’d think there would be more movies focused on an astrological theme.  Beyond the 2007 thriller Zodiac, there are few films that reference the art of celestial psychometry.  A few titles contain astrological references, like Scorpio, Gemini Man, and Capricorn One.  After a calculated search, we now share with you our seven favorite astrology quotes.

The 12 Best Movie Quotes for a Wedding Speech

wedding speaker IIWeddings have been a staple for movie stories since films began to talk.  From The Wedding Night in 1935, through Father of the Bride, The African Queen, The Graduate, Fiddler on the Roof, Shrek, The Wedding Crashers, and The Proposal and Bride Wars in 2009, weddings have provided the setting for Hollywood screenplays.  Movies also provide a great source of useful quotes for those who have to make a speech at a friend or family member's after-party.  Here are the 12 best movie quotes to use in a wedding speech.

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