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PURPOSE: "Mind the gap - it's the distance between life as you dream it and life as it is."

Movie quote from: Notes on a Scandal (2006) - Sheba Hart (Cate Blanchett)

notesWe all need a purpose to our lives. We must pursue things unaccomplished to bring new meaning to our day. However, obsessive needs can be mistaken for meaningful purpose. When this happens, damaging long-term pain is often the result. By narrow-mindedly pursuing short-term emotional needs, we place at risk values that are more long-lasting. No film better portrays the importance of 'minding the right gaps' than the powerful movie, Notes on a Scandal.

The Top 10 Movie Quotes for Use in a Wedding Toast

geishaThe speeches are the best part of a wedding.  Sometimes they are tedious but most often they are funny and touching.  I never tire of hearing the best man say, “I love you, man” to his lifelong friend.  I always choke up when the Dad pauses to get through his thoughtfully worded speech to his daughter.  The best part is often the toasts to the bride and groom, made by special people in the couple’s lives.  Here are the ten best movie quotes for spicing up the message to newlywed friends.

The 11 Best Movie Quotes About Teachers

hollandSchool teachers don't get the respect they deserve.  The headlines don't feature the educator who spends hundreds of dollars of her own money on classroom materials.  We don't thank the English teacher who marks papers all weekend to make his students more literate.  For all you teachers who advocate every day for your students, here are the 11 best quotes from film about your profession.

POTENTIAL: "I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think any conscious entity can ever hope to do."

Movie quote from: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - HAL (Douglas Rain)

halIn Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, the artificially interactive computer HAL is asked by a BBC interviewer if it was frustrated by its dependence on humans to get things done. HAL's confident response (cited above) demonstrates its sense that it was working at maximum potential. I don't know a single human being who could say that.  The great majority of us have never encountered our "fullest possible use" because we aren't focused enough to explore those possibilities.

11 Best Movie Quotes for Newscasters Who Run Out of Things to Say About Paris Hilton

parisWhat is it about Paris Hilton that makes her front page news?  Paris is in jail, she’s out, she’s back in, she’s not eating, she’s found God, she’s on suicide watch, she’s on The View, she’s on….again.  What more is there to say about Paris Hilton?   Here are 11 movie quotes for pop culture newscasters that run out of things to say about Paris.

The 5 Wisest Quotes From Angelina Jolie in a Film

Although Angelina Jolie has been in a lot of movies, her characters seldom get to say interesting things.  The best lines she has been given are a reflection of the person she is known to be.  From Hackers in 1995 to her Academy Award for Girl, Interrupted in 1999 to this year's A Mighty Heart, here are the top five most interesting lines said by Angelina Jolie in a movie.   

The 14 Best Movie Quotes for Your Graduation Speech

gradEvery graduation speech needs a few quotes to spice up the message.  Movie quotes allow the speaker to compare each graduate's life to a motion picture.  Each grad is the author, director, and star of their own unfolding film.  To make their life great, they must define their character, build their story, and connect to their own supporting cast.  Here are the 14 best movie quotes we have found for use in your graduation speech.

FAMILY: "Family is the most precious gift we are given...Turn your back on them and that is when you truly have nothing."

Movie quote from: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) - Yia Yia (Maria Konstadarou)

sisterhood 2A 'family' does not have to be made up of blood relatives.  In truth, your family is that defined collection of people who are there to support you, no matter what.  For some people, their birth family plays that role.  For others, like the young women in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, their family is made up of friends with whom they have shared life's ups and downs.  Families are not born; they are earned.  We each can assemble our own unique family to support us as we face life's challenges.

The 15 Best Movie Quotes for a Retirement Speech

The 15 Best Movie Quotes for a Retirement SpeechRetirement represents the end of a phase of a person's life.  It does not mean that person's life is over.  In fact, many people's post-work life is as long as their employed existence.  As a person moves from the work phase of life to one where work is diminished, there may be an opportunity to say goodbye to colleagues in the form of a speech.  Here are the best 15 movie quotes for use in a retirement presentation.

20 Best Movie Quotes About War

warWar is a touchy subject nowadays.  Many people have strong feelings about the rightness or wrongness of war.  At the 30,000 foot level, it seems like a noble fight for freedom and national priorities.  On the front lines, it's a different story, more about inhumanity, brotherhood, and fear.  The movies have featured perspectives from both sides of the war on war.  For Memorial Day, here are 20 diverse movie quotes about the warfare that has been with us since the first days of mankind.

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