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The 5 Wisest Movie Quotes from Paul Newman

paul newmanMany movie classics have starred Paul Newman, including Exodus, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Hustler, Hud, Harper, Hombre, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, Slapshot, Sweet Bird of Youth, The Sting, and The Verdict.  Lately his famous blue eyes are less visible, as he does voice work in such films as the 2006 animated film Cars.  In recognition of the new ‘Quotes by Actor’ feature in our Movie Quote Directory, break out the salad dressing and check out the five wisest quotes from Paul Newman in a film.

Major Upgrades to Reel Life Wisdom Website!

new blogIf you are a regular visitor to the Reel Life Wisdom website, you will notice many interesting changes! We have completely revised the site, providing a variety of new services to inspiration-seeking movie quote lovers. A new Movie Quote Directory features more than 1,200 meaningful movie quotes, hand-picked from hundreds of films across the ages.

The 19 Best Movie Quotes for Your High School Reunion

romy and micheleIs there life after high school? Do people ever recover from that intense social experience? Some don’t, they spend the rest of their lives trying to justify what they were, or were not, in high school. This is why high school reunions are so emotional, especially the first one. Some won’t go because they’re no longer cool. Others can’t wait to show up because they have achieved. Many look forward to seeing old friends and foes and hearing their life stories. Whatever you feel about reunions, here are 19 great movie quotes to drop into conversations at your old alma mater.

OPENNESS: “If you know people, that’s home.”

Movie quote from Harry and Tonto (1974) – Harry Coombes (Art Carney)

harry and tonto70-year-old Harry Coombes (Art Carney) did not want to leave his apartment in New York, one he shared with his wife for more than 50 years. Since her death, he clung to his home and his cat Tonto as a cradle of memories from days gone by. When the police forcibly remove Harry from his condemned tenement building, he is left with a sense of homelessness and uncertainty about his future. Fortunately, in the beautiful movie Harry and Tonto, Harry remains open to the changes that life inevitably brings. This openness saves his life.

The 12 Best Movie Quotes That Could Be Country Songs

country songsThere is no music like country music – really. Country singers continue to punch out catchy lyrics like, “How can I miss you if you won’t go away?”, and “Why do you keep throwing dirt on me if you keep on losing ground?” Many a film quote seems destined for a country song some day. Here are the 12 best movie quotes that could be found in a country tune.

TRUTH: “People can surprise you. Sometimes they have a great capacity to hear the truth.”

Movie quote from: The Verdict (1982) – Dr. Thompson (Joe Seneca)

the verdictIt is easier to avoid the truth than it is to deal with it head on. Frank Galvin (Paul Newman) personifies this reality in the 1982 film The Verdict. For him, it is easier to drown himself in an ocean of alcohol than it is to admit to another person that he's in over his head. Fortunately, easy is seldom the best way to go and truth has a funny way of making things right, if you’re brave enough to look it straight in the face.

The 10 Best Film Quotes When You're Dieting

dietingDiets are the focus for many people in the summer, in preparation for that gut-sucking moment on the beach. Inspirational phrases can help when we are tempted to hit the refrigerator in a moment of weakness. This is why we tape quotes to our fridge door, to put one last inhibitor between us and the food we crave. Here are 10 movie quotes that may be the difference between you staying on or off the food wagon.

PASSION: “You know the Greeks didn't write obituaries, they only asked one question after a man died, ‘Did he have passion?’”

Movie quote from: Serendipity (2001) - Dean Kansky (Jeremy Piven)

serendipityJonathan’s (John Cusack) life changed the day he met Sara (Kate Beckinsale). After an enjoyable walk about town, they agreed to leave their future to ‘serendipity’. Rather than trading names and phone numbers, she put her name in a book and he put it on a five-dollar bill. They agreed that if either person stumbled across the book or bill, they were meant to be together. And so began Jonathan’s passionate quest to reconnect with the woman who touched his soul.

The 10 Best Movie Quotes About Dogs

my dog skip

BEING COOL: “We’re too busy being smart alecks. Too busy in a crazy competition for nothing.”

Movie quote from: Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936) – Louise ‘Babe’ Bennett (Jean Arthur)

mr. deeds
Our culture is stuck. In 1936, the film Mr. Deeds Goes to Town featured the pop media and cultural elite's preference for making fun of basic goodness and optimism. Seventy years later, we show no progress. We continue to prefer critical perspectives over thoughts that are more constructive and substantial. How can cynicism and civic disinterest continue to be so cool?

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