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The 10 Best Movie Quotes for Trick or Treaters on Hallowe'en

halloweenChildren are taught to never take candy from strangers, except on Hallowe’en when their parents send them out to beg for it.  Annually, a parade of little goblins and ghouls shout “Trick or Treat!” at our doors, having no real interest in resorting to the tricky part.  As we pass out the candy kisses, peanuts, and shrunken Kit Kats in our doorway, we have the opportunity to mention a few movie quotes for their consideration.  Here are the 10 best movie quotes that can add an extra treat to the traditional Hallowe’en doorway experience.

Eleven Quote Quiz #2: Jack Nicholson

jack nicholsonSome argue that Jack Nicholson is the best actor of his time.  His characters electrify the screen.  He has chosen excellent movies and memorable roles in his long career, one that was launched with his colorful portrayal of George Hanson in the 1969 film Easy Rider.  Since then, Jack has been nominated for 12 Academy Awards and won three of them.  Can you name the movies associated with the following 11 quotes from Jack Nicholson films? 

Eleven Quote Quiz #1: Will Ferrell

will ferrell
Our first Eleven Quote Quiz features the best lines from Will Ferrell in the movies.  Your job is to guess the movie each quote is from.  The ‘Easy’ quotes are each worth 1 point, the ‘Harder’ quotes are worth 2 points, and 3 points are awarded for each of the ‘Hardest’ quotes.  Any score over 10 is good.  A score of 15 or higher makes you an expert in all things Will Ferrell. 

The 10 Most Popular Movies in the Reel Life Directory

before sunrise 2Over the past 60 days, more than 20,000 people have viewed over 100,000 pages on our new and improved Reel Life Wisdom site.  Since adding the Movie Quote Directory in the middle of August, usage of the site has tripled.  So, which of the more than 700 movie pages do you think were most visited during those days?  Before clicking to see the answers, guess 10 movies that might be the most popular for those seeking meaningful quotes on the Reel Life Wisdom site.  The picture on the left is a clue for #1.

The Best 14 Movie Quotes About Wine

sidewaysVery few movies have exp

The Top 9 Movie Quotes About the French

french kissOur blog production has suffered since we began our tour of France a couple of weeks ago.  It will continue to suffer for the next few weeks.  We recognize that the French have not been well represented in film.  They are stereotyped as rude and inconsiderate, yet we have experienced generally friendly people.  They are typecast as heavy smokers, wine drinkers, over-the-top romantics, and a nation of butter-eating fine diners.  Well, okay, there’s that.  However, in honor of the many great French people we have met so far, here are our favorite nine film quotes about the French.

TEENS: “She’ll outgrow it, dear. It’s just the age…the age where nothing fits.”

Movie quote from: Rebel Without a Cause (1955) – Judy’s Mother (Rochelle Hudson)

DeanAt the precise moment the western culture was inventing the concept of a 'teenager', Rebel Without a Cause flickered onto the big screen.  James Dean's character Jim Stark personified "the age where nothing fits" - uncomfortable at home, posturing for his peers, disconnected from his past, uncertain about his future.  Change the clothes, change the cars, and the Rebel story is an icon for the youth of today.  As the movie elegantly illustrates, only one thing ensures a young person will survive and thrive in those turbulent teen years. 

The AFI Top Movie Quotes Revisited

goneTwo years ago, the American Film Institute released its Top 100 Movie Quotes of All Time.  Over 1,500 experts selected “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” as the top quote. This is a great example of the intelligence of a committee, always generating a pop culture response.  We believe film writers are disappointed by this list; it doesn't feature their best work.  In their honor, we've taken the top 10 quotes from the AFI list and linked them to better quotes that show more of the screenwriters' talents.  We give a damn about great writing.

The Top 14 Most Quoted Movies on Reel Life Wisdom

before sunriseGreat screenwriting does not always convert into a great film.  Similarly, the best quotes don’t always come from the best movies.  What is true is that films with lots of meaningful quotes are generally good thought-provoking films.  The new Quotes by Movie feature on Reel Life Wisdom enables users to view great quotes one movie at a time.  Here are the top 14 most quoted movies on the Reel Life site.