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“It is difficult for love to last long, therefore one who loves passionately is cured of love."

“Love – that’s a lifetime job.”
“There’s no sense in love.”
“What is love?  The feeling of the moment."
“When you’re wildly and deeply in love, you don’t stop loving just because somebody dies.”
“Can there be a greater torture in the world than to love and at the same time to condemn?”
“Love is the hardest thing in the world to write about.  It’s so simple.  You’ve got to catch it through details.  Like the early morning sunlight hitting the grey tin of the rainspout in front of her house.  The ring of the telephone that sounds like Beethoven’s Pastorale.  A letter scribbled on her office stationary that you carry around in your pocket because it smells like all the lilacs in Ohio.”
“Love is eternal. It has been the strongest motivation for human actions throughout history.  Love is stronger than life.”
“When love is gone, there’s nothing left but admiration and respect.”
“You’re one person against the world unless you have someone.  Then it’s only half as hard.  At least you’re two against the world.”
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