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characterCharacter develops best in the full flow of life. It strengthens when you choose the uphill climb. Character flourishes when you take complete responsibility for your life. Be the character that you are and invest your time in the unique person you are becoming.

Here are a variety of movie quotes about the importance of character.

"I knew another 'she' who was odd, ahead of her time. People mocked her, until the day they all found themselves imitating her."
"Try very hard not to be predictable."
"You've got to embrace your inner strange.  When you do that, you bring who you are, never who they want.  And that, my friend, is when it gets fun."
"I'm not seduced by cheap glamour.  I value substance and character."
"Losing teaches me how to play better."
"Struggling to get by builds character."
"Sooner or later, different scares people."
"A man is what he thinks about all day long."
"He never understood that a true Olympian was not just about a God-given skill set, it's about never giving up, no matter what."
"I treasure my regular-guyness."
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