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achievementAchievement is a personal thing. What brings one person a feeling of success has little meaning to someone else. However, every achievement involves three things - a sense of purpose, the capabilities to pursue that purpose, and the resilience to continue when the going inevitably gets tough.

Here are a diversity of movie quotes about achievement.

“Sometimes, patience is the key to victory.”
"There can be no victory without sacrifice."
"You know what makes you feel okay about losing?  Winning."
"If you want to succeed, really succeed, the only choice you have is to mentally toughen up."
"Doing your best is the only option, even if it results in failure."
"Two people in one room can get more done than a hundred."
"Victory at the expense of the innocent is no victory at all."
"I fought to be a winner and I do not have time for quitters and losers."
"Part of achieving excellence is delivering excellence consistently."
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