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Reel Life's Top Ten Movies of 2010

The King's SpeechThere were a lot of enjoyable movie experiences in 2010.  We found ourselves immersed in speechless England, a multiplicity of dreams, terrorist tribulations, crazy ballet, and the lives of discarded toys.  We lived the harshness of life in the Ozarks, in the MA towns of Lowell and Charlestown, and in the emerging world of digital enterprise.  Movies did what they do best in 2010 – presented us with a couple of hours of thought-provoking uncharted realities.  Here are our ten favorite films from 2010.  

The 14 Best Frank Drebin Movie Quotes

drebinLeslie Nielsen appeared in over 50 movies, but only three of them featured him in the role of Lieutenant Frank Drebin, the bumbling detective from Police Squad.  Oblivious to the reality around him, Frank Drebin’s lines made you laugh right out loud, no matter if you were in a theater with friends or watching a video at home alone.  Here are what we regard as the 14 best lines from Frank Drebin, easily one of the 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time.

The 11 Worst Movie Lines for Women on a First Date

as goodOne email poured in demanding a list of the worst movie quotes for women on a first date.  This, she argued, provides equal time to the females who represent at least one half of the people participating in those uncertain romantic encounters.  So, by request, here are the eleven movie lines women should stay away from when meeting that man everyone says you're going to 'just love'.

The 11 Worst Movie Lines for Men on a First Date

dateOn a first date, both people are very aware of how things look, carefully attending to their appearance and words.  This is wise thinking; as we know, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Dropping a cool movie quote now and then can really put some shine on your unfolding reputation.  But frankly my dear, men have been known to lack judgment in these highly charged moments.  Here are the eleven worst movie quotes a man can mention when he is out on a first date. 

The 10 Worst Movie Quotes for a Job Interview

notjobSome people don't understand the importance of presentation in a job interview.  If you want to be certain NOT to get a job, come to the interview dressed how you feel that day.  Show up late, shake hands like your arm went numb, talk endlessly, chew gum, bring a friend, make fun of your last employer, and only ask questions about holidays and staff parties.  For added certaintly, mention one or two of these ten worst movie quotes for a job interview.

The 10 Best Movie Quotes About Work

9 to 5Around Labor Day, it seems timely to feature quotes about work.  Movies have a generally negative view of work, regarding it as an unfortunate requirement to being paid.  Movies also present a restricted scope of work, offering an excessive focus on lawyers, warriors, cowboys, athletes, crime fighters, heartless businessmen, and unstable movie stars.  Here are 10 movie quotes about work as it is for the rest of us, the primary source of our emotional and financial paychecks. 

The 9 Best Movie Quotes About Outer Space

star trekLong before there were people who actually walked on the moon, there were films that imagined what that would be like.  Beginning in 1919, with The First Men on the Moon, movies about outer space have featured many of the classics, including Forbidden Planet, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, E.T., and Wall-E.  Here are some thoughts from the movies about the mysteries of outer space.

The 10 Best Movie Quotes About Love

notebookIt should surprise no one that the first Quote Directory topic to reach 100 quotes would be Love.  Screenwriters seem to gravitate to writing interesting things about the mysteries of love.  There are 67 Reel Life Wisdom topics featuring thousands of inspiring and thought-provoking quotes.  100 quotes about love now lead the way.  In honor of this benchmark achievement, we are posting our ten favorite quotes about this “crazy little thing”. 

The 12 Wisest 'Fool' Movie Quotes

jokerIt seems like every second movie you see features the word 'fool' somewhere in the dialogue.  Bad guys like to use the word 'fool' when they're getting ready to fight the good guys.  Movie characters don't want to look like a fool, be made a fool of, or have someone fool around on them.  They don't want fool's gold nor desire to be the fool whose money has soon parted.  In celebration of each year's April Fool's Day, here are the 12 best 'fool' quotes from film.

The 10 Best Movie Quotes About Advertising

doritoMillions of people watch the Superbowl to see the best football teams compete.  Even more watch to see ad companies duke it out to be ranked #1 on various Top Ten Superbowl Commercials lists.  The movies have not been kind to advertisements, portraying them as manipulative devices that flaunt and fuel our consumer-centric society.  Here are the best ten film quotes about advertising that you won't want to fast forward through.

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